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New Kanken Art Backpacks

By Fjällräven Canada June 25, 2019 No comments


Fjällräven has always set a high standard when it comes to accessories, clothes or everyday essentials. Fjällräven presents you with another collection of backpacks entirely dedicated to art! These new Kånken art backpacks are very stylish and artsy. The collection encompasses amazing colorful art backpacks, a special edition, to celebrate the inspiring diversity that is present in both nature and us humans. An innovative collaboration with two Swedish artists, has created something extraordinary: Kånken Art. If you are an art student or simply love colors, Kånken art backpacks may be the perfect choice for you!

Stepping Into Spring

By Fjällräven Canada May 11, 2019 No comments

You can’t go off in the wilderness unprepared. When it comes to packing for your camping trip, you will need to have all the essential bits and pieces to make your trip as easy as possible! The most crucial part of any trek or camping trip is comfortable clothing and gear. Here is some necessary equipment that will cover any short or long trek or camping trip.

Spring Has Sprung

By Fjällräven Canada March 25, 2019 No comments
Kids love going on adventures. And Fjällräven Canada makes sure that they have all their essentials in one place. Working for the convenience of people with their everyday essentials including kids, young adults, office workers; men and women in general, Fjällräven is now back with better essential to carry with you all spring because now is the time to go on trips and adventures with your friends and family.

How to Care For Your Kånken

By Fjällräven Canada March 2, 2019 No comments

We’re not quite sure when it happened, but Kånken has become a trusted essential for millions of people around the world. It’s the backpack you take with you on adventures, shopping, to school or work. It’s a simple little bag, but with the right care it can last and last and last.

How To Dress For Cold Weather

By Fjällräven Canada January 31, 2019 No comments

Dressing according to the cold weather can be a bit hard sometimes. It forces one to compromise their style. However, if you’re living in a Canada, which stays mostly cold then be aware and preparing for the winters is essential! We have you covered! 

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