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Fjällräven's Arctic Fox Logo

By Fjällräven Canada April 24, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments

Fjallraven fox logo patch

As you may already know, Fjällräven means arctic fox in Swedish, which is also what our logo represents. The founder of Fjällräven, Åke Nordin, was so fascinated by the animal during his treks that he decided to name his company after the small and highly adaptable predator that lives in the Swedish mountains under the harshest conditions.

Founded in the small town of Örnsköldsvik in Northern Sweden, Fjällräven has now expanded to every corner of the world. Our mission remains the same; to provide functional, durable, and timeless equipment and clothing to make the outdoors more enjoyable for everyone! Along the way we’ve always maintained a strong belief in a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to production, minimizing any impact on the environment. The following is a summary of our pledges:

  • We do not sell real fur and we do not use it in our products. Instead Fjällräven uses a synthetic alternative called Arctic Fur.
  • We do not approve of mulesing, the surgical procedure that makes merino sheep in Australia less attractive for blowflies. We have since decided to shift our purchases to suppliers that can guarantee mulesing-free merino wool.
  • We do not accept the plucking of live geese. We received an honourable mention in 2010 for our control of our down process. We only use high-quality down that comes from contracted farms where the geese are slaughtered for food.
  • We support the endangered arctic fox by donating money to supplement the food supply close to inhabited dens and by increasing the general public's knowledge about the plight of the arctic fox.

By the way, you know what day it is? #HAPPYFOXFRIDAY everyone!

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