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G-Loft Supreme, Exceptional Warm Insulation

By Fjällräven Canada January 15, 2019 Leave a comment Go to comments

Hiking and canoeing become more fun when you have proper clothing to go with them. Going for a hike over the mountains in winters is thrilling and adventurous but it all becomes less fun if you do not have the right clothes for the occasion. For outdoorsy lovers, Fjällräven took an extra step ahead and G-Loft Supreme in their jackets that will keep you warm enough even in extreme cold and wet weather conditions. 

This new material is not only lightweight but also very feasible for daily as well as occasional use. It's exceptional warm insulation even in such extreme wet and cold weather conditions keep the clothes highly compressible, durable and water resistant. Not only G-Loft Supreme insulated Fjällräven are easy to wash but they are also very easy to stow in your backpack once you feel the need to take it off.

1. KEB Light Padded Jacket W

This G-Loft Supreme jacket has great padding that is moisture resistant, so you don’t have to worry about getting wet or feeling too cold after a hiking trip with your mates. Keb light padded jacket w comes in four amazing winter colors to keep you in style as well as comfortable. This padded G-Loft Supreme jacket is also 100% polyamide recycled and keeps you warm even in damp conditions. With two zipped hand pockets, it also has double fabric on the shoulders and an inside pocket where you can keep your valuable and still be able to hike. 

2. Bergtagen Light Insulation Jacket 

Bergtagen light insulation jacket has a simple design but the best qualities. It stays warm , and is made with 100% polyester. There is also a hood attached, perfect for someone who wears this jacket all the time. It is available in two colors with a two-way zipper at the front.

3. Abisko Padded Vest 

Abisko padded vest is the most stylish G-Loft Supreme item of clothing we have. It has exceptional warm insulation and two front pockets to not only keep your body warm but your hands too. It is very light and you can always take it with you by packing it with ease. It takes less space and weighs as light as air. Available in two classic colors with very affordable prices.

G-Loft Supreme is a collection that you definitely need in your closet with all the other incredible, trendy and stylish winter and sportswear from Fjällräven Canada. Make winter adventures more fun and comfortable with our G-Loft Supreme Collection.

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