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Each month, we pick a guest blogger to answer a few questions on how Fjällräven fits in their outdoor lifestyle. We recently caught up with Zach from Zalleon.com, who told us a bit about his adventures with Fjällräven gear and some essentials he must have every time he travels.

Q. What do you do for a living?

A. My day to day is just like everyone else's. I drive a truck for a company that does refreshment services. Glamorous, right? My second, and much more fun job, is photo and video work. That's what I'm really passionate about. Hopefully we can get rid of that first one in the near future!

Q. What Fjällräven products do you use on your travels? Which are your favourites and why?

A. Our Fjällräven gear consists of a Duffel No. 6, a Duffel No. 4, a Greenland Special Edition No. 1 Jacket, a Skogsö Jacket, two pairs of pants, and two beloved Kånken bags! My all time favorite Fjällräven product is probably the Duffel No. 4. I actually won this bag in a giveaway almost exactly one year ago. The first trip with it was an 800 mile moto-trip with my father and grandfather. It's my go-to motorcycle bag for overnight adventures. It joins us on every single trip- big or small.

Q. What is the next adventure you will be going on? And will you be bringing your Fjällräven gear with you?

A. The next adventure is a pretty big one. It’s a sponsored event from October to May 2017, where we will be traveling the USA in an awesome van purpose-built for this trip. We start in Salt Lake City and drive through the mid-west, up the east coast, and eventually all the way up to Maine.

Q. What made you pick the Fjällräven Kånken out of all other bags out there?

A. The Kånken is the perfect bag to throw a day's worth of gear into. On our most recent trip to Oregon and California, we used it to store our 15" MacBook Pro, two cameras, and the accessories to go along with it all! We love this bag because of how easy it is to pack up, throw it on, and hit the road.

You can keep up with our adventures at Zalleon.com, and you can find me and my wife Allie on Instagram: @zachtheleon & @allietheleon

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