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How to Care For Your Kånken

By Fjällräven Canada March 2, 2019 Leave a comment Go to comments

We’re not quite sure when it happened, but Kånken has become a trusted essential for millions of people around the world. It’s the backpack you take with you on adventures, shopping, to school or work. It’s a simple little bag, but with the right care it can last and last and last.

Fjallraven Canada created this amazing collection of bags and accessories named Kånken, which turned out to be an essential that people all over the world use. Kånken products have a massive range of endless bags, each for a different use with a different style and colors to choose from. You can take care of it by hand-washing or getting the Kånken bag dry cleaned. Using the washing machine on the product will affect its longevity. Make sure you use soft detergents or sponges to wash out a stain. Even when you want the bags to dry off, put them somewhere outside in open air but not directly under the sun.

Since we have a massive variety of various trendy and classic colors, the sun tends to make those colors fade, which will make your Kånken lose its charm.

Your Kånken is bound to last long and stick with you through all the adventurous times if you take proper care of it and use it properly! For a full guide on how to clean your Kånken go to this link >>

There are many options to choose from so get your Kånken now!

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