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How To Protect Your G-1000 Clothing With Greenland Wax

By Fjällräven Canada February 13, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s the middle of February and winter chill is on full blast, brutally cold days seem to be on endless repeat. These are ideal conditions to put your Fjällräven G-1000 garments to the test. To further shield yourself from harsh winter conditions, we recommend the added protection of Greenland Wax impregnation.

G-1000 fabric and Greenland Wax were both developed in-house by Fjällräven, and have since been staples of our collection for decades. In our humble opinion, G-1000 is simply the best outdoor fabric available in the market. It is tightly woven, hard-tested and quick-to-dry, providing excellent ventilation, top-grade wind and water resistance, and remarkable durability. Our environmentally friendly Greenland Wax increases the protective properties and durability of G-1000 fabric. A perfect combination to help adapt your garments to suit different weather conditions depending on your daily activities.

Here are some FAQ’s on Greenland Wax and how to apply it to your Fjällräven clothing.

What is Fjällräven Greenland Wax?

Made from pure paraffin and high-quality beeswax, with no chemical additives, Fjällräven Greenland Wax is a more environmentally friendly alternative than chemical-based impregnation products. A regular sized block of wax (100 g) will last for roughly ten pieces of clothing. While the travel pack (23 g) is a handy companion in case you need to re-apply wax on a garment while trekking.

Why should I use Greenland Wax?

Greenland Wax increases the durability of G-1000 fabric and improves its protective properties to better withstand the elements. It extends the life of G-1000 garments significantly, which means that jackets and trousers can accompany their owners on adventures for many years.

How to apply Greenland Wax to your G-1000 Clothing?

It’s very easy! Just follow these two simple steps:

1. APPLY the Greenland Wax to your clothing. Using long strokes, rub the wax against the fabric, leaving an even and thin layer on the surface. Make sure the fabric is thoroughly covered.

2. MELT the wax into the fabric by using an iron on low to moderate heat with no steam. Before using the iron on another piece of clothing – don’t forget to wipe it clean! A hairdryer or the flame from a camping stove can also be used for melting the wax. Greenland Wax melts at approximately 55°C to 60°C, that’s 131°F to 140°F.

PRO TIP! To further waterproof your garment, repeat the waxing process several times instead of applying a single thick layer. This is especially practical for high friction points, such as; knees, shoulders, hood, and seat.

What if my garment has down or synthetic padding, or is made with a combination of fabrics?

Padded garments and those made with hybrid/combination fabrics require additional care compared to those made solely of G-1000. Read our Greenland Wax Guide to learn more.

Does Greenland Wax wash out?

Yes, Greenland Wax can be washed out of clothing, which is practical when in warm and humid areas. Without the wax, the fabric becomes cool and its breathability is maximized. You can easily wash out the wax with help from your washing machine.

And there you have it! Everything you need to know about Fjällräven Greenland Wax! Time to take off on your next outdoor adventure. Don’t forget to bring along a travel pack and to dress warm – it’s cold out there!

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