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How to Wax your Fjällräven Gear

By Fjällräven Canada October 3, 2018 Leave a comment Go to comments

Are you frustrated with getting your new clothes all soaked in the rain? This issue was considered by Fjällräven Canada and thus a perfect solution was founded. In order to keep your clothes from the rain, spilled drinks and food, you need to make sure that your clothes are everything-resistant. No matter how precious your clothes are, Fjällräven Canada presents you Greenland Wax. For most of your favorite garments, Greenland wax is the best solution.

Ever since Greenland wax was manufactured, all your worries were put to an end. Now, you can wax your garments at home.

How To Wax Your Garments:

Here are some easy steps to wax your own clothes, bags, hats, and tents at home without any trouble. But before you do that, you will need a few things that are easily available;

• Fjällräven Canada Greenland Wax

• Cloth/garment that needs waxing

• A hair dryer or iron Once you have all these things in place, you can resume the waxing process;

Step#1: Apply Greenland Wax  Pro-tip: First spread your garment or cloth on a plain surface and use your hair dryer to heat the cloth a little so when you start applying the wax, it easily sticks and stays until the further procedure. Then start applying the Greenland wax all over with a gentle pressure. Make sure you apply the wax evenly as you do not want to leave out some parts. Keeping extra focus on the exposed areas such as shoulders, sleeves, collar, knees, etc. apply the wax. This will not only increase your garment's lifespan and durability but it will also keep it safe from all the other damage such as wind and water.

Step#2: Heat Your Garment Once you are done with applying wax all over your garment, plug in the hairdryer and start heating your cloth with a low moderate heat. This is the process where the wax on your clothes slightly melts and settles into the fabric. You can also use an iron, the same one that is used for ironing clothes.

Step#3: Let Dry When you are done waxing and heating, next up is letting your garment dry. With all these steps completed, you can now comfortably wear your waxed garments out because they have now become water, wind and food resistant.

Fjällräven Canada has a vast variety of bags, trek jackets, short, jeans, and other stuff in the store just for you.

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