What is the eco-shell?

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One of the major requirements for any trekker is the right kind of clothes you choose to wear. They need to withstand all kinds of weather and need to make sure they won’t ruin your experience. Fjällräven's eco shell is a highly functional and durable material used in making trekking attire for the people who love the wilderness and adventure. There are many reasons why the eco shell is the best choice for you right now;


1. Highly functional material 

The eco-shell proves to be a highly functional material which protects the body from water and wind giving it perfect resistance against bad weather conditions. The material sustains all kinds of weather and keeps you protected so that you can enjoy being outside! It repels water, snow and wind and makes sure that it doesn’t seep inside your clothes.

2. Environment friendly material

Eco shell is made of recycled polyester without fluorocarbons, which are a non-friendly substances of the environment. This hazardous substance enters the environment and becomes toxic.

3. Can be recycled

As mentioned earlier, this material is made of polyester, which is easy to recycle when the time comes, making it much more eco-friendly. The different version of this material has the inner membrane and outer layer of recycled polyester, which is made without fluorocarbons. This environmentally sustainable material is made without any shortcuts which makes it very easy for recycling.  

4. Waterproof and breathable

Be it any difficult weather situations, eco- shell material provides a perfect solution to keep you dry. The qualities of being water resistant and breathable makes it ‘a must have’ for anyone! The waterproof membrane does not let water to penetrate inside and keeps the body dry. 

5. Lightweight and highly flexible in movement- Hassle free material

One of the main requests when it comes to trekking attire is convenience. Eco shell is lightweight and extremely comfortable giving you lots of space to move and be flexible. This hassle free material is soft, comfortable and is perfect for any situation. Even though this material is made from 3 layer substance, it gives you ample space to move in.  it very easy to pack and carry off wherever you wish to take it!



From trekking jackets, trousers, fleece garments, Eco shell is used by Fjällräven to prepare perfect trekking clothes for you so that your magnificent experience is not disturbed and the nature’s treats are enjoyed by you to the fullest. 

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