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Sound finances are fundamental for sustainability

It may sound like a paradox that economy should be a part of sustainability work. However, sound finances enable us to live up to our commitments in environmental and social issues. The problem is that traditional methods of measuring profitability often ignore sustainability aspects in a company’s activities. A lot has happened in recent years however and since 2013, Fjällräven has followed GRI’s guidelines for sustainability reporting.

We are convinced that stable financial growth in the company means that we can convince more people – including our suppliers, partners, owners and even other companies in our industry – to join us in our quest for sustainability, not only in outdoor life, but in production lines and business in general.

Long-term relationships

We consider the development of long-term business relationships with our suppliers and business partners to be very important. This is also a prerequisite for working successfully with issues of environmental and social development in different parts of the world. All of our suppliers are required to sign our Code of Conduct and they must comply with it in every way. We continuously discuss its contents and offer training and support to suppliers on request.


Throughout its history, Fjällräven has established a strong culture of innovation. The ability to think in new ways is a key factor in the development of our business and sustainability orientation. We are constantly seeking new solutions, such as new improved and environmental materials. Along with new methods of production, we strive to work more efficiently and sustainably throughout the entire chain of production. Therefore, naturally, we value suppliers and partners who share this approach with us.

Download : Fjällräven Code of Conduct

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