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    Bergtagen Thinwool Long Johns M

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    Bergtagen Insulation Jacket M

    starting from CA$419.99
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    Bergtagen Insulation Jacket W

    starting from CA$419.99
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    Bergtagen Woolterry Hoodie

    starting from CA$179.99
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    Bergtagen Longjohns

    starting from CA$169.99
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    Bergtagen Shortjohns

    starting from CA$119.99
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    Bergtagen Woolterry Hoodie W

    starting from CA$179.99
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    Bergtagen Longjohns W

    starting from CA$169.99
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    Bergtagen Thinwool SS M

    starting from CA$99.99
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    Bergtagen Trousers

    starting from CA$429.99
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    Bergtagen Eco-Shell Trousers

    starting from CA$599.99
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    Bergtagen Trousers W

    starting from CA$429.99
Mountaineering, also referred to as mountain climbing, is the activity of attaining, or attempting to reach, high points in mountainous regions, mainly for the pleasure of the climb. Mountaineering activities include outdoor climbing, skiing, and traversing. Fjällräven mountaineering products and equipment are created to withstand variable conditions while providing reliable technical support. You’ll be prepared to navigate the top of the mountain with our mountaineering products.
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