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    Sarek Belt 2.5 cm

    starting from CA$79.99
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    Keb Eco-Shell Trousers

    starting from CA$499.99
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    Keb Wool Sweater W

    starting from CA$234.99
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    Keb Eco-Shell Bib Trousers

    starting from CA$599.99
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    Keb Eco-Shell Trousers W

    starting from CA$499.99
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    Sarek Belt 4 cm

    starting from CA$89.99
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    Keb Trousers Curved W

    starting from CA$249.99
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    Keb Touring Trousers M

    starting from CA$344.99
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    Keb Touring Trousers W

    starting from CA$344.99
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    Keb Eco-Shell Jacket W

    starting from CA$579.99
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    Keb Eco-Shell jacket

    starting from CA$579.99
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    Singi Down Jacket W

    starting from CA$699.99
Fjällräven offers a wide variety of equipment for all kinds of trekking, in all conditions - designed to be timeless, durable and functional.
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