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    Bergtagen 38 M/L

    starting from CA$324.99
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    Kajka 55 W

    starting from CA$399.99
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    Singi 20

    starting from CA$114.99
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    Ulvö Rolltop 23

    starting from CA$175.00
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    Keb Hike 30

    starting from CA$290.00
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    Keb Hike 20

    starting from CA$250.00
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    Abisko Hike 35

    starting from CA$199.99
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    Greenland Top

    starting from CA$149.99
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    Kaipak 38

    starting from CA$250.00
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    High Coast Trail 26

    starting from CA$139.99
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    Kaipak 58 W

    starting from CA$249.99
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    Rucksack No. 21 Large

    starting from CA$239.99
The backpack is one of the most important items of your outdoor equipment and perhaps the most personal. It is your body that decides whether the carrying system works well for you. How and where you go hiking and which outdoor activities you prefer determines what sort of backpack you need. Fjällräven was born from the idea of creating better carrying systems and for more than 50 years we have developed technical backpacks that allow you to head deep into the great outdoors in a comfortable way.
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