Nature & Environment

Fjällräven Footprint

Act responsibly towards nature, animals and people

Protect and conserve the nature we love

To leave no trace is a motto among outdoor enthusiasts. Just as most would like to leave last night’s campsite so that the next visitors can enjoy undisturbed nature, Fjällräven would also like as a company to have as small an environmental footprint as possible.

For many years, Fjällräven has been working actively to protect people, wildlife and nature. As an outdoor company, with many employees who themselves love being outdoors, this seems completely natural.

Fjällräven is proud to be able to offer their customers timeless, durable and functional outdoor clothing and equipment. Fjällräven is convinced that products that last longer are better for the environment than trendy items that only last one season. Of course, they are also careful to ensure that the products are manufactured correctly from the start. Therefore, Fjällräven is constantly striving to improve processes, select suitable raw materials and decrease the consumption of water, energy and chemicals.

For many years, Fjällräven has taken part in conservation projects and in particular have chosen to focus on the Scandinavian arctic fox, a species on the brink of extinction due to a number of unfortunate circumstances.

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