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    starting from CA$99.99
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    Kånken Laptop 13″

    starting from CA$129.99
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    Kånken Laptop 15″

    starting from CA$134.99
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    Kånken Mini

    starting from CA$89.99
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    Kånken Laptop 17″

    starting from CA$139.99
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    starting from CA$114.99
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    Re-Kånken Mini

    starting from CA$99.99
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    Kånken Sling

    starting from CA$84.99
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    Kånken Pen Case

    starting from CA$29.99
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    Kånken Travel Wallet

    starting from CA$54.99
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    Kånken Card Wallet

    starting from CA$34.99
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    Kånken Mini Shoulder Pads

    starting from CA$24.99
Explore our wide assortment of the Fjallraven Kånken product! Choose between different sizes, colours and materials - but still with the same iconic look as the classic from 1978.
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