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    Keb Touring Down Jacket

    starting from CA$549.99
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    Skogsö Padded Jacket

    starting from CA$399.99
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    Singi Down Jacket

    starting from CA$699.99
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    Yupik Parka

    starting from CA$579.99
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    Barents Parka

    starting from CA$650.00
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    Keb Padded Hoodie

    starting from CA$319.99
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    Greenland Down Liner Jacket M

    starting from CA$349.99
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    Expedition Down Jacket

    starting from CA$899.99
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    Bergtagen Eco-Shell Jacket

    starting from CA$699.99
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    Bergtagen Jacket

    starting from CA$574.99
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    Fjällräven Polar Parka

    starting from CA$999.99
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    Abisko Padded Vest

    starting from CA$184.99
When producing an outdoor jacket, Fjällräven start with many years of experience in what works in the great outdoors. Timeless designs, hard-wearing, functional materials and details means that Fjällräven jackets can withstand weather, wind and tough conditions for many years to come, perfect for the Canadian outdoors. Fjällräven winter jackets and coats are built to keep you warm, and feature substantial hoods, zips with storm flaps and drawstrings that can be handled even with thick gloves.
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