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    Greenland Jeans M

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    Abisko Lite Trekking Trousers Long

    starting from CA$199.99
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    Abisko Lite Trekking Trousers Regular

    starting from CA$199.99
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    Abisko Shorts

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    High Coast Shorts

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    High Coast Fall Trousers

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    High Coast Hike Shorts

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    High Coast Trousers

    starting from CA$144.99
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    Abisko Lite Shorts

    starting from CA$134.99
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    Greenland Canvas Jeans M

    starting from CA$164.99
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    Keb Trousers M Regular - Updated

    starting from CA$249.99
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    Keb Trousers M Long - Updated

    starting from CA$249.99
Of all the clothing that fills an outdoor wear wardrobe, it is usually the outdoor pants and shorts that have the most stories to tell. Ripped knees with worn and shiny buttons bear witness to extended adventures along hiking routes in the mountains and forests. Fjällräven first outdoor pants were released in 1970 and since then Fjällräven have worked to refine the cuts, details and materials to help you enjoy nature in all its changing forms. Fjällräven pants and shorts are extremely hard-wearing, comfortable to move in and packed with functionality – pockets where you need them, ventilation holes and other practical details that make life easier when you are outdoors.
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