Trousers Guide

Trousers Guide

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Outdoor trousers, more commonly referred to in Canada as outdoor or hiking pants, have a tough assignment. They are tasked with several important responsibilities; to keep you warm and dry during inclement weather, to protect from scratches and scrapes when traversing rocky terrain or scrub. In addition to keeping you well protected, outdoor pants should be fast-drying and well-ventilated. Last but not least, outdoor pants need to be comfortable and allow freedom of movement when climbing, squatting, or kneeling.

Fjällräven outdoor trousers are designed with all these requirements in mind, and then some. With so many options to choose from, our Trousers Guide aims to help you find the right pair of pants for your next outdoor adventure.

How to Choose Outdoor Trousers

From specialized fabrics, to practical details, and functional features – it’s important to take time to think about the type of pants you are looking for. To get things started, we recommended asking yourself the following questions:

What activities will you be using your pants for?

Fjällräven outdoor pants are designed for the following areas of outdoor life: trekking, travel, hunting and bird watching, and everyday use. Take a moment to think about which activities are most relevant to how you spend time outdoors. This will help determine the kind of base fabric for your ideal pair of outdoor pants.

What kind of fit are you looking for?

Each person’s body is unique and the right fit can be different from one person to the next. This is the principle reason behind our wide selection of styles. Fjällräven trousers are available in two types of fits; Comfort Fit (roomier and more relaxed) and Regular Fit (classic fit). Both fits are offered in three types of waists; High, Regular, and Low. We also offer specific women’s models on some of our top styles – specially designed to fit a woman’s figure – for example, our Vidda Pro Trousers W Regular. Another element of fit is the type of leg endings; Fixed leg endings (with buttons and/or drawcords at the bottom) and Raw length (can be adjusted to your liking).

Are special details and functions important to you?

As with most technical gear, the details and functions are essential determining factors in overall usability. Fjällräven outdoor trousers offer many useful functions ranging from pockets for maps and tools, to zip-off legs for converting pants into shorts, or stretch material panels for added mobility. Our pants are designed with smart construction details such as; reinforcements at the knee and rear for extra durability, pre-shaped knees for comfort while in motion, and zippered ventilation openings to release excess heat.

Further to the three essentials questions above, here is an in-depth guide of details to consider when selecting the right pair of outdoor trousers:

Trousers Guide

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Types of Fjällräven Outdoor Trousers

We offer a variety of trouser types to help make the most of your outdoor life. In our experience, the key elements to a great pair of outdoor pants are protection, durability, and comfort. To help find the right pants for your chosen area of activity, we have divided our collection into the following categories based on intended use.

Trekking Trousers

This category represents our most durable and technically advanced pants. Most of our Trekking pants are made in Fjällräven’s signature wind and water resistant G-1000 material, arguably the most versatile and longest lasting fabric in the outdoor market. With the application of our Greenland Wax, this tightly woven fabric becomes even more durable and resistant to wind and moisture. Some of our Trekking pants are made with stretch fabric for added comfort, and hybrid trousers combine G-1000 and stretch for optimal mobility and durability. Our Eco-Shell and Hydratic fabrics are also used on our Trekking pants, these multi-layer fabrics have a membrane which helps release body moisture. This technology allows the wearer to move on long distances without getting soaked in sweat, as well as providing excellent protection from wind, rain, and snow.

Discover our most popular Trekking trousers:

Travel Trousers (Travel)

Lightweight and highly durable, our Travel trousers are the perfect pants for adventures in warmer climates or warm summer days at home. The majority of our Travel trousers are made from MicroTravel (MT) fabric, with a small selection made in G-1000 Lite. MT fabric is a lightweight material providing exceptional breathability and a cool touch against the skin. It is also quick drying, practically wrinkle-free, protects against harmful UV rays, and easy to pack – making it the ideal travel companion.

Outdoor Trousers

Highly durable, functional, and easy to wear – this is the essence of our Everyday Outdoor garments. Designed with fewer pockets, compared to the more technical models, to deliver a cleaner silhouette. Pants in this category are available in G-1000 or MicroTravel fabrics, they are high quality and well-tailored, made to be worn anywhere, any time.

Discover our most popular Everyday Outdoor trousers:

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