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    Cord Cap

    starting from CA$44.99
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    Vardag Långtradarkeps

    starting from CA$44.99
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    Sarek Heater

    starting from CA$99.99
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    Övik Webbing Belt

    starting from CA$44.99
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    Murena Silver Belt

    starting from CA$99.99
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    Canvas Money Belt

    starting from CA$59.99
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    Sarek Belt 2.5 cm

    starting from CA$79.99
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    Sarek Belt 4 cm

    starting from CA$89.99
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    Merano Canvas Belt

    starting from CA$34.99
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    Canvas Belt

    starting from CA$34.99
Made from durable materials which can withstand numerous years of hard wear, Fjällräven accessories will be with you through many adventures in nature. The belts are available in fixed lengths and in variants where you can adjust the waist size yourself. Many Fjällräven leather belts are made from vegetable-tanned leather and are produced in Sweden.
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