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Product Families for Different Activities

To make it easier to find related products within Fjällräven product range in Canada, Fjällräven have divided Fjällräven collection into product families. Each family represents different activities, performance levels, types of product and climates. Fjällräven goal is to make it easier to find products for your specific needs..

The Keb, Sarek and Abisko families include products developed for different types of trekking in various terrain and climate zones.

The Övik, Kiruna and Greenlandfamilies include products that connect city life with a life in the outdoors. Made for both casual and outdoor use, all products are functional outdoor equipment.

The High Coast family is the latest addition to the Fjällräven product range. Designed for summer activities, products in this new family are versatile and lightweight, featuring clean lines with minimal details.

The family names are borrowed from places that are part of the Fjällräven heritage, and that have a special place in the Fjällräven heart.

Keb Family

KEB FAMILY: Technical Trekking

Keb is a series of technical outdoor garments developed for demanding trekking where freedom of movement is just as important as durability and protection against difficult terrain. The fit has been carefully considered and the seams have been placed to reduce the risk of chafing.

The collection is inspired by the terrain surrounding Mt. Kebnekaise, Sweden’s highest mountain. Since Fjällräven product developer has always aimed for the top, it was even more exciting when the Keb Trousers were awarded with “Best Outdoor Trousers” in the Outdoor Industry Awards following their release in 2011. Shortly thereafter, Fjällräven unveiled the first example of the Keb Jacket, and outdoor journalists in Europe awarded it with the SOA Sustainability Award for its positive environmental properties. Garments from the Keb family are perfectly suited to pull out of your pack when you stop to enjoy the view from Mt. Kebnekaise or any other of outdoor life’s high points.

Sarek Family

SAREK FAMILY: Traditional Trekking

In Sarek’s impressive mountainous terrain there are few marked trails and long distances between cabins that offer shelter or provisions. This is a place where you are on your own in a demanding yet magnificent wilderness.

Fjällräven have created the Sarek series for these kinds of long trips in trailless terrain. Clothing and accessories are developed to offer unwavering reliability with tried-and-tested solutions, robust workmanship and durable materials.

Jackets and trousers are made from Fjällräven legendary outdoor fabric G-1000® while most of the other garments are made from natural materials such as wool and cotton. The series also includes belts and bags made from vegetable-tanned leather – practical accessories that will not only last for a lifetime of outdoor adventures, but get more attractive the more they are used.

Abisko Family

ABISKO FAMILY: Lightweight Trekking

Abisko in Swedish Lapland is the northern point of the classic trekking trail Kungsleden, The King’s Trail, and the flora in the Abisko national park is one of the most diverse in the Swedish mountains. Products in the Abisko family are developed for lighter day hikes and cabin-to-cabin trekking, in both Scandinavia and other countries around the globe.

Abisko products are made in both synthetic and natural fibres. MT fabric is used for warm climate garments. Many of the products have G-1000® reinforcements at exposed areas. This means that even at a low product weight, durability is ensured.

Ovik Family

ÖVIK FAMILY: Traditional Outdoor

Övik is the nickname of Fjällräven’s hometown Örnsköldsvik. This northern coastal town is part of the world heritage area Höga Kusten, The High Coast, and its scenic surroundings inspire an active outdoor life.

Övik has lent its name to our Övik series of functional and versatile products designed for general outdoor life. With their timeless styles, Övik products are just as suitable at work as they are for going out – for a hike, in the Skuleskogen National Park for example.

Functional G-1000® fabric is a recurring feature seen in many of the jackets and trousers, while shirts, sweaters and hats are made from natural fibres such as wool and cotton.

Kiruna Family

KIRUNA FAMILY: Versatile Outdoor

Kiruna has a special place in Fjällräven’s heart. Ever since Åke Nordin went on his first trek from Nikkaluokta in the 1950s, Kiruna has been Fjällräven gateway to the mountains of Lapland. We have been fascinated by the town’s barrenness and its contrasts – the piles of mine tailings, the austere architecture and the magnificent scenery that surrounds it.

Kiruna has been a hub for many of our adventures, a beloved breaking point between everyday life and the wilderness. For this reason, it seemed natural to let the town give its name to the products in our Kiruna series.

Kiruna garments have been developed for everyday life and to create a transition between town and life in the wilderness. The designs are clean with few and simple features, and the colour range has been inspired by the nuances found in and around Kiruna – the greys of the mountains, the rich greens and the matt red tones that are often seen on buildings in the town.

Many Kiruna products are made from G-1000®, often with a single layer of fabric, resulting in light and packable garments that only get better looking the more they are used.

Greenland Family


The Greenland Jacket was launched in 1968 and was Fjällräven’s first jacket. Developed in close cooperation with members of the 1966 Scandinavian Greenland expedition, it immediately became very sought after in climbing circles.

It did not take long before a wider range of outdoor enthusiasts discovered the practical jacket, and over the years the Greenland Jacket has become one of Fjällräven’s signature garments. One of the reasons behind its popularity is its functional and adaptable G-1000® fabric that was launched at the same time as the jacket.

Today, the Greenland series includes a number of products, most of which are made from G-1000®, with details and characteristics from the original model of 1968.

High Coast Family

HIGH COAST FAMILY: Lightweight Outdoor

The High Coast family is named after the coastal region surrounding Fjällräven’s hometown of Örnsköldsvik. The scenic area boasts breathtaking views of land and sea, a veritable playground for outdoor enthusiasts to engage in their preferred summer activities, such as; hiking, cycling, and kayaking.

High Coast products are inspired by outdoor life during the summer months and in warm climates. Designed to be lightweight and versatile, the minimal details provides clean lines to each garment. Materials used in this collection include cool and fast-drying synthetic/cotton blends and G-1000 Lite. These highly adaptable pieces are light and easy to pack, making them the ideal travel companion for summer adventures.

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