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Sku: 23510


Classic Kånken backpack with zipper that opens the entire main compartment. Very hardwearing vinylon fabric. Removable seat cover at the back. Simple shoulder straps and handle on top. Reflector in the logo.

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    Straight backs are happy backs. Kånken was launched in 1978 to spare the backs of school children. Back problems had begun to appear in increasingly younger age groups and shoulder bags were popular. Kånken has many simple, clear functions. The backpack soon became a common sight at pre-schools and nature schools around the country. The idea of using a backpack quickly spread, as did Kånken. It is just as popular today, and an excellent choice for school, outings or biking to work. Kånken is made out of durable, lightweight Vinylon F. The large main compartment with a large opening makes it easy to put in/take out items. Two side pockets and a zippered pocket in the front. Handle at the top, narrow, supple shoulder straps, sitting pad in the pocket in the back and logo that doubles as a reflector.
    Product Details
    Name Kånken
    SKU 23510
    Gender Unisex
    Webbing 100% polypropylene
    Zips YKK
    Width 27 cm
    Depth 13 cm
    Height 38 cm
    Volume 16 L
    Outer Material Vinylon F: 100% vinylal
    Rain Cover None
    1. Very good quality smaller than I thought
      Product rating
      Ok well this is smaller than I thought and very expensive the colour was not proper and it was waste of money! Don’t buy it!
    2. Water bottle holders
      Product rating
      Absolutely love this backpack. I purchased a green one and the color is perfect! My only issue is that the water bottle holders are too small for my huge water bottles. But I would still recommend this to a friend!
    3. pretty good
      Product rating
      i have the black one and when it gets dirty it turns white
    4. Perfect inside out
      Product rating
      Nowadays, kankens are looked at as expensive backpacks that make someone’s appearance and fashion sense more aesthetically pleasing, but this notion understates a lot of kanken’s true value as a backpack. I had my first kanken before it became popular and I can confidently say that it is truly the best quality backpack in the market. It is so light-weight, it feels like feather caressing your back. It is incredibly durable, you can fit a heavy load and not ever have to worry about it tearing or suffering the uncomfortable strap pressure other backpacks can cause. The straps give a new meaning to the word comfort, in their very thin, yet durable seamless design. You can even purchase a strap pad from the same company to provide yourself with premium comfort. Kanken may look tiny but it fits a lot inside, and by a lot I mean A LOT, which makes it perfect for traveling and picnics. It is weather sealed and water resistant so if you have books or an electronic device inside you won’t have to worry about going out in the rain cause nothing can ruin those precious belongings of yours. And yes, I have tested this! I even took it with me to an extremely dusty area, left it on the ground for multiple hours, and was able to get it back in a brand new condition by simply shaking off the dust that slid off super smoothly. There’s no such thing as harsh weather concerns with this backpack. Kanken’s design is minimalist and sleek. It looks good on everyone. Young, old, male, female, and everything in between. It has a laptop pouch inside which makes it convenient for those who need to have their laptop on the go. And don’t even get me started on the color choices it comes in, cause they’re just spectacular. Every shade is unique and will make you stand out. It is a truly unreplicable backpack that has a superb overall quality. It’s perfect for school, work, and even on a special occasion where you can rock your outfit with the adorable mini kanken. Often, it’s being portrayed on the internet as if it’s only purpose is being trendy. There is no doubt that it’s a pretty looking backpack but it’s certainly just as pretty on the inside as it is on the outside.
    5. Where are the rest of the colours
      Product rating
      Only a few colours are available when I try to buy this product. Are the rest sold out??
    6. The Perfect Backpack
      Product rating
      I have had my Kanken for two years now and it has been with me through the rough days of school where it was loaded up full with books and all the times I've traveled. I like to call it my adventure backpack because I take it everywhere with me! Now I'm looking to get another Kanken so that I can have two, but my Frost Green Kanken will always hold a special place in my heart.
    7. Perfect for everything
      Product rating
      I absolutely love this bag! I can fit everything in this. It’s perfect for all the occasions (school, vacation, trips,etc.)
      I strongly recommend!
      Thank you fjallraven!
    8. Great but only one thing
      Product rating
      The bag in itself is great. Sturdy, roomy and aesthetically pleasing. T
    9. Staple to back to school supplies
      Product rating
      I purchased this for my son when he started school. He is now in Grade 5. 6 years of a rough, tough boy using it everyday to school. It has been washed many times and still in great shape. Looking to purchase my daughter one. She starts kindergarten in the fall.
    10. Had one for 29 years
      Product rating
      My mother bought me a Kanken backpack when we lived in sweden in 1986. It is a military green color, like color 295. I still have it, I still use it. It's been with me for 29 years now. It's been all over the world with me and the older it gets, the nicer it looks. both zippers still working perfectly. I lost the seat pad unfortunately. I hope to keep it another 30 years.
    11. I would give it 4.5 stars if I could
      Product rating
      I received my kanken in brick about a week ago, and let me just say that even though we've only been together for a few days, we've made a great couple so far. I need something to put my school stuff in? My kanken is there for me. I want to look stylish and effortlessly cool? I can always count on my kanken. The brick colour is a little lighter and happier (imho) in real life, which is fine, we all have our quirks. If I get a little dirty, so does my kanken. That's alright, too. My one little pet peeve is that my kanken looked so much smaller than I thought it would, but since I can fit in as much as a regular backpack, I feel like it's bigger while it's on my back. I think we'll be together for a long time.
    12. Amazing bag
      Product rating
      Got this bag to start of high school and it's absolutely fantastic! It fits all my gear and is super waterproof unlike some backpacks. All the finishes are high quality and it's a super neat backpack.
    13. Excellent purchase and a great piece
      Product rating
      I got this backpack in u.n blue for back to school because I'm high school you need to carry a lot. It's great because of how waterproof it is. I live in Nova Scotia and I need something waterproof because it's super rainy here. It's super awesome and I would defiantly suggest this to a friend!! ☺️❤️
    14. Superb
      Product rating
      Exactly as I thought it would be! Great backpack for all my belongings. Fits everything and more!
    15. Can't beat a Kanken
      Product rating
      Can't beat a Fjallraven bag of any kind!! My most durable and comfortable bag. I have had mine for a few years now and its looking better everyday! 5 stars in my book :)
    16. Great pack
      Product rating
      Hi from Toronto ! I got this backpack for school. It ended up being the best backpack and held everything! The laptop compartment is key because I didn't have to open all the other zippers. Travelling anywhere with this backpack is easy as well, going through security was a breeze. I can't wait until I purchase a new colourful one for summer :) Recommend for all!
    17. easy to use
      Product rating
      I travelled in Europe this year for school and was super excited to finally have the Kanken to use! It fit everything I needed and even got a lot of compliments along the way. The only change I would make is that when I buy a large bottle of water it doesn't fit on the side but I can easily put it in the first compartment. It is water proof and making it super easy to travel with and doesn't get ruined when it rains (most bags say they are water resistant but aren't). All in all it was a great bag especially easy to use and big enough for everything!
    18. Made for me
      Product rating
      Looking at the photo I was a bit worried that the straps would be too big! Being of small build I find backpacks are too long and don't fit me the way they should. The Kanken is perfect for my stature and comfortable. It fits all my school books and laptop without feeling too heavy. Have tried using all kinds of school bags but none fit the way my Kanken does! Love it!!!
    19. Sturdy and carries a lot
      Product rating
      Great bag! I'm a bike messenger from Toronto and use this bag everyday. It fits all my envelopes and also has room for my water bottle. I was a bit worried about the size of the straps but they was pleasantly surprised, the bag sits right on top of my back and doesn't irritate me while i'm riding! This bag also gets used as my over night carrier, the main compartment is huge and fits about 2 and half days worth of clothing. Overall,this bag is sturdy and can carry a lot. Would recommend it!
    20. Great bag for school
      Product rating
      Love the compartment for my laptop, makes it super easy to travel with and also easily accessible when going through security. It holds everything I need!

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