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    Övik Heavy Flannel Shirt M

    starting from CA$114.99
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    Greenland Re-Cotton Polo Shirt M

    starting from CA$89.99
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    Övik Check Shirt LS M

    starting from CA$119.99
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    Greenland Zip Hoodie

    starting from CA$184.99
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    Fjällglim Shirt

    starting from CA$129.99
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    Övik Fleece Hoodie

    starting from CA$199.99
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    Singi Merino Henley M

    starting from CA$174.99
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    Greenland Jeans M

    starting from CA$174.99
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    Cord Cap

    starting from CA$44.99
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    Sarek Heavy Flannel Shirt

    starting from CA$129.99
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    Kiruna Liner Jacket M

    starting from CA$229.99
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    Abisko Cool Shirt SS

    starting from CA$119.99
Time-honored designs built with purpose in mind and adventure at heart. Those are the key elements at the core of Fjällräven’s Mens clothing. Durable and sustainable materials, along with functional details, all come together to form garments that will last through many outdoor exploits. From multi-purpose jackets and coats to ventilated trekking pants, and everything in between – Fjällräven outdoor clothing is there for you from daily urban adventures to the greatest outdoor excursions.
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