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Fjällräven is growing and constantly moving into new markets. This makes it all the more important for us to take responsibility for every decision we make, whether we are in our home in Örnsköldsvik in northern Sweden or another corner of the world. One of the most important aspects of this is our responsibility toward everyone that works in the development and production of our equipment.

At Fjällräven, we consider it a basic right that our employees, wherever they are in the world, should be able to work in a healthy and safe environment, which in turn leads to an enjoyable and efficient workplace. We also consider respect for a person's integrity to be as basic a right as the promotion of equality, regardless of gender, ethnic background, age, beliefs and sexual orientation.

The foundation for our ethical guidelines is our Code of Conduct, which regulates human rights, work and the environment. You can read more below about how we view our responsibility as an employer.

We are convinced that when people spend more time in nature, the more inclined they will be to advocate its preservation. This is why we are doing our best to spark and maintain an interest in nature in as many people as possible.

The reason we are fighting for this is simple. Nature is where we spend our free time and we want our children and grandchildren to be able to enjoy nature the same way as we have the past 50 years.

To realize this dream, we arrange not only our trek, Fjällräven Classic, but also family activities such as Out in Nature (Ut i Naturen). We also support organisations that plan activities for our children, such as Green Team. We believe that these activities contribute in their own way to a better society and increase interest in protecting our natural environment.

The following is a summary of our pledges:

  • We do not sell real fur, whether as clothes, accessories or other products. Fjällräven has signed the international Retailer Commitment Against Fur, instead we use our synthetic alternative known as Arctic Fur.
  • We do not approve of mulesing, the surgical procedure carried out on merino sheep in Australia to make them less attractive for blowflies, and therefore have decided to shift our purchases to suppliers that can guarantee mulesing-free merino wool.
  • We do not accept the plucking of live geese. We only use high-quality down that comes from contracted farms where the geese are slaughtered for food. We received an honourable mention in 2010 for our control of our down process.
  • We support the endangered arctic fox by donating money to supplement the food supply close to inhabited dens and by increasing the general public's knowledge about the plight of the arctic fox. This project is conducted in cooperation with Stockholm University.

We are constantly on the hunt for materials and methods of production that are less harmful to the environment but do not compromise the quality of our products. For us, quality is not just how well a product works and how long it lasts, but also how it has been produced.

We are proud of what we are doing, but we are far from finished. We are constantly weighing advantages against disadvantages, conducting research and trying to make improvements. Every little step we take, in a number of different areas, is part of a journey toward something big - and noticeable.

The Fjällräven Way

"Our goal is a healthier outdoor life, now and for future generations." - Aiko Bode, Fjällräven's Chief Sustainability Officer, explains how we work with sustainability throughout the entire company.

Fjällräven makes functional, timeless and long-lasting outdoor equipment – all in order to have the lowest negative impact on the environment as possible. But our responsibility goes beyond our products. In 2013, we launched The Fjällräven Way, a guidance tool for our sustainability work, where we have chosen the compass as a symbol to show us the way. It contains four areas of activity, with the cardinal directions borrowed from the universal tool for way-finding.

In The Fjällräven Way, N stands for Nature & Environment, E for Economy & Business Processes, S for Social Responsibility, and W for Wellbeing. You can read about our work here on this website.

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