Smock No. 1

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Smock No. 1

Durable jacket in G-1000 Eco and G-1000 HD with many generous pockets for advanced outdoor life. Adjustable storm hood with smart visor construction.

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      Durable outdoor jacket with many generous pockets that easily have room for the contents of a small backpack. Just like Jacket No. 68, it is designed for advanced outdoor life, all year around, but Smock No. 1 has a longer cut and a greater number of even more robust functions.
      The spacious hood can be adjusted so it fits the head perfectly and the visor can be folded to either provide maximum wind protection or more peripheral vision. When the hood is down it forms a high collar.
      Maps, first aid kits, smaller tools and other items needed for a day out in the forest can be stowed in the many spacious pockets on the chest, lower down, on the back and sleeves. The front zipper is two-way and has a protective flap and easy-grip buttons that are fastened to the garment with corded ribbon. Drawcord adjustment at the waist, an extra gusset under the arms and pre-shaped sleeves for freedom of movement. The fit is generous so there is room for reinforcement garments underneath.
      Smock No. 1 is made from wind and water resistant G-1000 Eco in recycled polyester and organic cotton, with extra durable G-1000 HeavyDuty on the shoulders, sleeves and pockets. The fabric and details were chosen to minimise their impact on the environment – for example most of the leather details are made from spill leather – and to make it easy to replace exposed details after years of use.
      Part of the Fjällräven Numbers collection.
      Product Details
      Name Smock No. 1
      SKU 81841
      Concept Trekking
      Activity Trekking
      Sizes XS-XXL
      Gender Men
      Consumer Material G-1000
      Outer Material G-1000® HeavyDuty: 65% polyester, 35% cotton, G-1000® Eco: 65% polyester, 35% cotton
      Environmental Info G-1000 Wax Impregnation
      1. A Fantastic Coat that Screams Quality
        Product rating
        When you pick this coat up the first thought in your mind is " Wow ". This is an item of superior craftsmanship and it shows in every stitch. It is a treasure to have for any outdoorsman.

        I hope this review finds you in good health, and helps you make a final decision.
      2. Very nice jacket. Meets and exceeds all expectations.
        Product rating
        I was hesitant to buy one of these - as I am sure most people are when it comes to near $1000 for a jacket... Worth is subjective, mind you. If you spend time outside - you pay for the best kit you can get - (I hope). I buy things that I do not want to fail because I often travel to places where I depend on my kit. The cost is the only downside to this jacket.

        Now, all this being said - this is an excellent jacket. It is a single layer - there is no liner or insulation - but if you use a hoodie or sweater + a base layer underneath I am sure you will be very happy out to -30 C.

        The first thing that really made me smile - NO VELCRO! (the cuffs do up via snaps) I hate the way velcro "cheapens" a garment. It never seems to work as good as it ages and I also hate the way the "hook" side of velcro can deteriorate any fabric it touches by slowly pulling it apart via abrasion if it does not line up quite right or is left open.

        The fit was perfect, despite my initial concerns that it might be too big as per the size chart. I am 6'2" / a fairly lean 228lbs with long arms and a 51" chest and it fits me spot on. [I got an XL] - Roomy enough for a hoodie+sweater underneath but not sloppy. Everything is very well thought out. There are no inside pockets, but it is an over shell garment. Personally, if I wanted an inside pocket on a piece like this I would wear something underneath it that had a pocket and problem solved. In the cold - you want everything outside. The quality and assembly of this jacket is 100%. No flaws whatsoever. MADE IN PORTUGAL! which is good - in the EU not the far East...

        The reinforced shoulders (for pack straps) and elbows are done nicely and discreetly. All the pockets are easily accessible and fasten closed perfectly. There are no loose threads, no stitches out of place - everything is spot on.

        As a long time user of Fjallraven pants I thought I better try the smock. I wanted something that was top of the line and did not scream "military" - If this is also the case for you - look no further. If you can afford it - this is the smock for you. I am comparing this to many other garments I have worn in the deep woods, the desert and the jungle from many a supplier. I dress functional all the time. This jacket covers spring, winter, fall and even summer at night - (and during the day in certain parts of the world).

        Hope this review helps.
      3. Great pockets
        Product rating
        Buying this jacket I was a bit hesitant because of the price. Boy was I wrong! I don't need to even wear a backpack anymore because the pockets are huge and can carry all my small gear in one place. They are so big I can fit my gps systems, ipos, phone, even extras like a water bottle! It can even double as a jacket for normal life since it is sleek, comfortable and especially warm. A bang for your buck!

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