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Vidda Pro Trousers Regular

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Sku: 81760R

Vidda Pro Trousers Regular

Durable G-1000® hiking pants with regular waist (mid waist) and regular fit. Reinforced rear and knees and six practical pockets. This model is also available in a 5 cm longer version, Vidda Pro Trousers Long

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      Durable hiking pants for adventures in the mountains and forest. Made using durable wind and water-resistant G-1000® fabric with a double layer over the rear and knees. Regular waist (mid waist) and regular fit with pre-shaped knees. Six practical pockets including a map pocket and an axe pocket. Elastic strap adjustment with press buttons on leg endings. Equipped with knee pad pockets (an accessory).
      Product Details
      Name Vidda Pro Trousers Regular
      SKU 81760R
      Sizes 44-60
      Gender Men
      Fit Regular Fit
      Waist Mid waist
      Leg Ending Fixed length
      Outer Material G-1000® Original: 65% polyester, 35% cotton
      1. 6/5 Stars
        Product rating
        These pants are amazing!! Everything you could possibly want out of a pant. They are very durable, comfortable and well designed.

        The pocket layout is very intelligent, the material long lasting but comfortable at the same time. Couldn't be happier with these pants - already got myself another pair..possibly more in the future!
      2. Superb pants - perfect for any outdoor enthusiast.
        Product rating
        Lightweight and breathable(non-waxed!), with durability that far belies the weight of these pants! They are a very comfortable fit, loose and flexible where needed without excessive bagginess or bulges in awkward places. Good resistance to abrasion and staining; I've ground grass, moss, and leaves into them without any real staining so far. The Vidda Pro Trousers have taken some sparks on them and they did not combust or melt, which was great, though I wouldn't run into a burning building wearing them.

        Thoughtfully designed, these are very obviously the product of a long line of constant improvements that have resulted in the perfect pair of pants. Buy once, cry once - the price is high but these pants outlast anything else you could be wearing in this place.
      3. They last for years
        Product rating
        Lots of pockets and very relaxed fit on the legs, but they are not trendy. They shrink just a bit when put on high heat in the dryer. Very durable, will last for years.
      4. Must have for the outdoorswoman!
        Product rating
        Great pants. Awesome fit out of the box. Durable. Lives up to its claims. Can't wait to buy my next pair in a different colour!
      5. Everyone should own a pair of these trousers.
        Product rating
        Seriously. You'll never find a more perfect blend of comfort and utility.
      6. Great outdoor Pants for the great outdoors
        Product rating
        I picked these up for hunting at my local outfitter shop but I think I will wear them as part of my every day wardrobe. They are very comfortable for every day wear but are also durable, and water resisstant in case I have to get into the thick of things which I often do. They are a bit technical looking for office attire but are perfect for me... FJALLRAVEN does have some more subdued looking threads that resemble jeans or chinos if you are looking for something that you can wear at work and then sneak off for a climb or hike on the way home. So far I have used them for upland small game hunting. Hiking in the woods. Every day wear in and out of my construction office. Clearing and shovelling snow. Chopping firewood.

        I added greenland wax before first wear and can say that these pants absorb wax very well and do not get that waxed canvas look. I'm really impressed with the g1000 material.

        Pros: Great pants. Great fit. Practical and functional pockets. Water repellency. Durable. Comfortable. True to size.
        Cons: none come to mind.

        Purchased other Fjallraven pants after owning these. Happy
      7. Love these pants; sizing can be tricky
        Product rating
        I ordered a pair in size 44 because I am short and slim with a small frame. 137 lb and 5'5" Usually I am the smallest size of most other brands and according to the size chart i am a 44. However the 44 size is actually quite their, there is little to no stretch in the pants so its important to get the size right. I Ended up returning the pants and ordering the next size up, the only problem is as the waist size increases so does everything else including the inseam. I really want these pants to fit, hemming is possible with keeping the original cuff, however my main concern is the knees might sit too low past my knees or the thighs and butt will be too large.

        I did some digging and realized that most manufactures make up their own sizing and a size 30 pants are usually close to a 32 inch on the measuring tape. Also if you go to the US version of the fjallraven website, they have a sizing software that will compare the trousers to other brands that you may have experience with and can give you a more accurate size.

        If you can fit these pants properly they are really awesome. they look really nice and they are quite a slim fit but look sort of baggy at the same time which i like, I think the solid colours like all black and all dark olive are good options because the two tones look kind of funny like your wearing chaps or something, The black ones do show stains faster so the dark olive or one of the two tones with a less of a contrasts between the two colours may be the most durable colour options
      8. Vidda pro trousers
        Product rating
        Hi there,

        I just wanted to contact and compliment you on these excellent pants. I work as a geologist based out of calgary and had some field work in arctic Canada (Nunavut in Pond Inlet and Iqaluit) doing mapping and site walkovers.

        Work had booked a charter flight out of Yellowknife and due to available flights I flew Calgary-Edmonton-Yellowknife. Due to delayed flights my luggage didn't meet me in Edmonton and I was without for a few days while in Pond Inlet (no thermals extra winter gear etc. All i had were my trousers, a thermal and a tshirt! So I grabbed some essentials from local shops in Yellowknife but proceeded with these pants for the timenthat it would take until my bag would arrive.

        Anyway without getting too dramatic these pants were great. They were very functional with all the pockets, wind resistant and even while walking in knee deep snow they did not get wet and they really kept out the cold. So j just wanted to say that they are a great durable product and I am looking forward to acquiring some more of your great gear. Photo attached of me in Pond Inlet.


      9. Best Pants Hands Down!!
        Product rating
        I own three pairs of the vidda pro pants(black, Sand/Sand, Tarmac/Olive) and the fit and finish is outstanding. I am 6'1 220 and both the 52 and 54 fit very well. Received many comments on the pants so much so my brother has bought a few pairs. Buy these pants, the price is well worth it.
      10. Great Pant!
        Product rating
        Figured I would add/update sense my last. They have added the US/CDN size conversion on the sizing guide, and it works. Order a second set so as not to wear out the first. They have held up well even to hikes through thick underbrush including raspberry bushes. The second set I ordered in a 56 vs the 54 I had, they fit perfectly for my 38inch waist!
      11. Totally worth the money
        Product rating
        These are the best pants I've ever owned. Was reluctant to spend so much, but after a month of owning the sand/sand pair, I am going to order another colour so I don't wear these ones out within a year due to over use. Have Oviks too and really like them, but these are a big step up.
      12. Great Pant!
        Product rating
        Love the pant, water just beads off right out of the bag. I put them on and went instantly outside. I am 6'2 237 and normally wear a US 38. I bought a size 54 and the fit is very athletic. I would probably go to a 56 next time. I wish the site had what the pants tag do and that is a US size comparison, ei mine said that the 54 is a US 37. If I saw this on the sizing chart I would have probably got the 56 for a little extra room. Don't just convert the CM measurement into inchs like I did, or if you do give yourself some wiggle room;) Overall I am pleased with my purchase and will look into ordering another set as they already have lasted through my "hell week" in the bush during this melt.
      13. Excellent!
        Product rating
        Very happy with order. Arrived in less than 2 days. I am 6' 1" and weigh 200 lbs and usually buy 36" (waist) pants. The size 52 fit perfectly!
      14. Best pants ever
        Product rating
        These pants are awesome, just get them, you won't regret it that's for sure!
      15. Wonderpants
        Product rating
        These pants are so awsome that I ordered a second pair as soon as I received the first one. I am going to buy some more for sure they are just the best pants I've ever owned.
      16. Worth the money.
        Product rating
        I hitch hiked across Canada starting in St. John's NL to BC. No hotels, no restaurants, with only a bedroll, a tarp, and a 32L backpack. I needed 1 pair of pants and these were it. I wore them and only them every day for over 2 weeks. This is what I noticed about the pants: 1) outstanding at breaking the wind. 2) doesn't soak up water and dries very fast. 3) very durable, wears tough, and doesn't show the dirt very easy at all. 4) the pockets are friggin outstanding. You don't even know stuff is in the pockets. 5) the system for adjustable cuffs and the unadvertised gater hook are awesome. 6) the fit and comfort are 5 stars.
        I had a hiccup when I ordered and Leslie in the customer service department deserves a raise.
        I highly recommend these pants for hunters, bush crafters, adventures, or whatever else you can throw at them. Thanks again Leslie!
      17. 6 out of 5 stars!
        Product rating
        These pants are simply the very best pants I've ever owned. Fit and finished; superb. Excellent comfort. Highly recommended.

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