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    Vidda Pro jacket W

    starting from CA$324.99
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    Bergtagen Lite Insulation Jacket W

    starting from CA$399.99
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    Keb Eco-Shell Jacket W

    starting from CA$579.99
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    Stina Jacket

    starting from CA$239.99
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    Keb Padded Hoodie W

    starting from CA$320.00
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    Kiruna Padded Parka W

    starting from CA$420.00
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    Greenland Down Liner Jacket W

    starting from CA$349.99
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    Räven Padded Jacket W

    starting from CA$444.99
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    Bergtagen Insulation Jacket W

    starting from CA$399.99
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    Greenland Winter Jacket W

    starting from CA$399.99
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    Singi Down Jacket W

    starting from CA$699.99
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    Keb Touring Down Jacket W

    starting from CA$550.00
The perfect trekking partner for when the going gets tough. Fjällräven jackets and coats were initially popular among climbers, but it did not take long before a wider audience discovered these functional garments. Since then Fjällräven have worked diligently to create durable, timeless and functional jackets that makes it easier to enjoy the outdoors. When you are wearing a Fjällräven jacket you will be able to accept nature for what it is; unpredictable, marvelous, sometimes demanding – and a never-ending source of inspiration and relaxation.
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